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I have had reocurring vertigo and there is only one place that understands this condition. Physical Therapy Solutions is very professional and their therapists are so caring. They can take you from any stage of the dizziness and diagnose the particular therapies that will bring you the fastest success. Their diagnostic equipment can pinpoint your deficiencies and help them make a treatment plan that works. No matter what your issues, PT Solutions can improve your situation quickly.

Caryn A.

This place is wonderful. They have all the latest state of the art equipment to deal with vestibular. Also, it seems like 97% of their clients all day are vestibular so they are so used to hearing all the symptoms --which means they have a good sense of how you are feeling. Not many PT places can say this. You will see improvement for sure!

Heather C.

My daughter Abby was so dizzy, she was not able to attend school, barely sitting up and constantly nausea's. After a month of ENT visits, a VNG and MRI, her doctor suggested Physical Therapy Solutions. She is no longer dizzy. She's happy and is looking forward to her birthday party! We cannot thank everyone at PTS enough for taking away Abby's "misery" as she calls it. "The misery is gone!" 

Laura R. (daughter Age 9)

For 2 years I suffered from disabling leg weakness, unable to walk without  the aid of two knee braces and a walking stick.  Where no other therapists could help me and no Rehab doctors were comfortable taking on my rare disorder, Physical Therapy Solutions was undaunted. Through months of encouragement and dedication, they incrementally advanced me in a manner that was thoughtfully and carefully planned, restoring strength, tone, and coordination to my leg muscles. Today I walk with confidence, unfettered by any cane or brace. Their highly trained staff are masters of their trade, artisans of physical therapy. A thousand thanks to all of you at Physical Therapy Solutions!

Dr. Nitin Soorya

I cannot say enough positive things about this place! From their front desk to the therapists that worked with me, it's clear that everyone here enjoys what they do and cares about the patients. I'd say vertigo is the worst physical thing I've ever felt. I was discharged today after about ten sessions, and felt close to normal after about only 2 sessions. If you have any balance issues, come here

Sara Q.

Rupangi and the rest of the miracle workers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Four months ago I couldn't stand and now I'm flying in a helicopter in beautiful Kauai. Hiking, swimming in the ocean and driving on one lane roads in the mountains. 

Beth M.

From day one Physical Therapy Solutions has provided amazing care for me. I am only 13 years old and suffered from migraine related vertigo and displaced ear crystals. From the minute you walk in to the day you're discharged Physical Therapy Solutions offers a wide range of services and creates a welcoming place for you to get better. 

Andrea K. (age 13)

I have been coming here for 2 months and have had terrific results. The staff is professional, caring and invested in improving your health and mobility. Everyone, from the front desk to the PT assistants takes care to ask how you are doing and monitor for any changes to your well being. I highly recommend!!!

Sandra P.

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